Drama, Literary, Speculative Fiction

After emerging unscathed from the house fire that killed his father, Ed Stoneman had a recurring dream about rescuing himself as a boy, sitting amongst the flames, unburnt. The dream stopped once he hit 18 and became a firefighter, later earning the nickname of “Dodge” by surviving a lethal flashover, the singed trim of his coat the only sign of his contact with the engulfing flames. Dodge embraced his supernatural imperviousness to the heat of fire and smoke by going in when no one should, breaking the rules of rescue because he had to, because he could. With the Wyoming steppe becoming increasingly arid and fires igniting every few days, his 'talent' is needed now more than ever.

On his 50th birthday, Dodge dreams of the boy not on fire for the first time in over 30 years. Chalking it up to stress, he thinks nothing of it. With retirement from active fire duty in his near future, he’s depressed and aimless. Other than firefighting, what purpose does he have? Trusting no one with his secret, he has no one to confide in but his cat, and he daydreams of walking into a wildfire just to see if he’d finally burn. But when he answers an emergency call about a local house fire, renewed purpose greets him in the flames, making him question everything he once believed.

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