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    The Dread Pirate Ja'Eel takes to the seas.

    Geela and Darkos take to the harsh, unforgiving waters of the Fifth Sea, chasing after Noire’s final children. There they must tackle the pirate twins Hari and Terha, whose reign of terror has plunged their islands into a state of despair.

    No big deal, though. Buy a ship, find a crew, and track down their next foes. How hard could it be?

    Not very, assuming you ignore the sea sickness, giant krakens, and band of raucous pirates that Geela can barely control. Factor in a theatrical foe who loves showing off as much as Geela does, and things aren't exactly going to plan.

    But Geela's definitely not to blame here. After all, she’s never even been on a ship before. How was she supposed to know it’d be this complicated?

    The raiders were stopped. Now, the Waste rises.

    After battling the raiding party, Julian has some breathing room. The forces of the Green are reeling from their ultimate weapon’s failure, giving him some respite from their attacks. However, a new Dark Lord is rising to challenge him.

    The town of Cast Off has grown into a tempting target for other Waste-landers, and the Gods of the Waste have realized that Julian is a threat to their power that must be stopped. To do so, they’ve resurrected an ancient power to aid their cause.

    Julian has faced gods, monsters, and armies. Now, he has to hold back the ancient intellect that drives the Hive – and learn the terrible secret behind that power. Good thing Julian isn’t planning for a stand up fight.

    It’s time for another bug hunt.